Wild Dogs in Laikipia, Kenya

Laikipia’s pack of 40+ wild dogs was spotted by Tinai Kogo a driver for the Mpala Research Centre. He then explains the way in which they rear their young as well as their hunting methods.



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You can also listen to the story on the Public Radio Exchange Channel.


Dramatic Crowned Eagle Capture

Simon Thomsett describes one of the most dramatic moments of his life when a crowned eagle sunk it’s talons through his forearm as he tried to get it down from a tree.


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You can also listen to the story on the Public Radio Exchange Channel.

Crowned Eagle’s Catarax Surgery

Simon Thomsetts Crowned Eagle – Rosey, a 38 year old male, went completely blind due to catarax in both of his eyes. After a successful eye surgery and laser treatment his eye-sight has been restored and he is now able to begin mating again at the Little Owl Sanctuary in Naivasha, Kenya.


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You can also listen to the story on the Public Radio Exchange Channel.

Samburu’s Animal Clans

Lenkakwai Sapiyon explains how in Samburu culture each family was associated with an animal clan. Following this association, Lenkakwai tells us a few tales passed down through generations leading to their way of life regarding the animals today.


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Life as a Chimpanzee Keeper

Joseph Mayo was hired as the first chimpanzee keeper for the Sweet Waters Chimpanzee Sanctuary at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in 1993 and has worked with the orphaned chimpanzees since then. He explains how he feels the chimpanzees have become a part of his family and so wishes more people would understand and help in the conservation of such wildlife.


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YouTube DirektLife as a Chimpanzee Keeper

The first step to helping Joseph and the Ol Pejeta Conservancy is to adopt a chimpanzee here. The donations go directly toward the care for the chimpanzees at the sanctuary.

You can also listen to the story on the Public Radio Exchange site.

Giant Baby Verreaux Eagle Owl


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YouTube DirektGiant Baby Verreaux Eagle Owl

Simon Thomsett describes the life of a Verreaux Eagle Owl whilst holding a two month old baby. At already 2 foot tall, the baby owl will grow to be the biggest Eagle Owl in Kenya.

Baby Verreaux Eagle Owl


You can also listen to this story on the Public Radio Exchange channel.

Naibor Children Sing in Thanks

The children of the Naibor Primary School sing a religious song to thank Paula Kahumbu for donating seven Owen and Mzee story books to their conservation club.


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You can also listen to the song on the Public Radio Exchange website.

Scarey Hairy beasts in Maasai land

I was taken by surprise when a 90 year old Maasai elder told me a story about the big foot creature. I had heard other legends of ogres and beasts that patrol forests and I always believed that they were told to keep children from getting into danger.  I told our interpreter that similar bigfoot stories exist in USA and elsewhere, “Yes but those are stories, this is true” he insisted. In fact two elders claimed that they had actually seen it and this was good enough for the youth to believe it.

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Later, I told the story to David Coulson, the Director of the Trust for African Rock Art (TARA) and asked if he had ever heard of similar stories on his travels across Africa. David listened in stunned silence, then narrated his own experiences of “lion men” in Tanzania. He said he read a book written by a Tanzanian policeman about them, and had met a nurse who had witnessed a lion man. It emerged that children, often mentally challenged individuals, were held and trained by witches to be his assassins. They would be kept in a pit and raised in a feral state for this purpose. The horror inflicted by lion men emerged in Singida when 103 people were killed by lion men in 1946 and 1947 and this has been written up here and here.

Could the scarey hairy bigfoot beast in Kitengela have been one of these lion men? Or is it something different? listen tot hes tory and give us your thoughts.


Jubilee celebration – what happened 60 years ago in the Tugen Hills

Six decades ago Queen Elizabeth was on safari in Kenya when she her father, King George VI died, making her Queen. William Kimosop describes the sites in the magical Tugen Hills that had been prepared for her visit, why they were chosen and what he is doing with them now.

You can listen to the story here


William Kimosop leading Kenyans on a 150 km trek cross the Great Rift Valley Kenya

Video of Maasai traditions – Anthony Kasanga’s wedding

When Anthony Kasanga, formerly of the lion guardians , invited me to his wedding it was a great opportunity to experience a traditional Maasai wedding ceremony, and to examine how much has changed since his fathers time.


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After the wedding, Anthony spoke to his dad about his wedding and they compare notes

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YouTube DirektAnthony Kasanga


Some things have changed, others stay the same. We wish Anthony and Lois great happiness as they start their lives together.

These video’s were Directed, filmed and edited by Stefano Cassini and produced by Paula Kahumbu WildlifeDirect. Please share.